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Pro UTV Racing Short Course Racing

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Did you miss out on the Pro UTV Race from January 14th? If so MadRam11 has got you covered! 

$50k Bounty Run 3

Video from the $50k Bounty Run 3 at the Adventure Off Road Park in South Pittsburg Tennessee. This event went down in 2016 where 30 of the best and baddest took on a series of 3 bounty hills at the park.

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ACS Points Standings - August 2015

ACS Points Standings - August 2015ACS Points Standings as of August 2015

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Motive Gear Bounty Hill 2015

Motive Gear Bounty Hill 2015The Motive Gear Bounty Hill Round #1 will be held Saturday August 15th! This is the HILL we've all been waiting for to come back around since 2013. This will be the 1st of three events on this same hill. The other two events will be Sept. 12 and Oct. 10. There [...]

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Adventure Offroad Park $5,000 Bounty Hill

Adventure Offroad Park $5,000 Bounty HillPublished on Aug 19, 2014Be Sure To Follow Us On FaceBook @ https://www.facebook.com/HIGHOCTANEFILMSMore info on park events https://www.facebook.com/adventureoff...By High Octane Films

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Monsters of Rock 2013

Monsters of Rock 2013, Adventure Off Road ParkAdventure Off Road Park - Monsters of Rock Event from June 7th-9th of 2013. Thanks to everyone that came out to wheel and enjoy the event! We hope ya'll had as much fun as we did. Adventure Off Road Park is open for wheelin! Come on out and [...]

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AOP Trail 96

AOP Trail 96 Trail 96 is a Blue, or moderate difficulty trail. This trail is a short loop that contains many rock and ledge obstacles that challenge drivers to negotiate angles and clearance. This trail is passable by modified Jeeps and Trucks.This video was shot at Trailfest 2015!

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Crawling for Reid

Crawling for Reid 2015 Charity Ride was held to benefit Reid Davis Underwood. In this video, Tom talks about this charity event, Reid, and the awesome off road community that has pulled together to raise over $30,000 for Reid! Thank you to all who came out and donated to this charity. Together we can make [...]

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ECORS Race 3 at the AOP

The ECORS 2015Race #3 May 29th & 30th Adventure Offroad Park (AOP)LAP TIMES:AOP LAP TIMES FINALRESULTS:RACE #3 AOP RESULTSUTV1st: Paul Nagel – AFTERHOURS RACING #0072nd: Tim Daniel -CAMO GUYS RACING #13133rd : Tom Eades #2â€ĤA CLASS1st: Marc Zaboth – ZMAN OFFROAD #45942nd: BUTTERFACE RACING # -13rd: Roger King – TEAM ROBBY BOBBY #36C CLASS1st: Justin [...]

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