Venue Rental

Off Road Tank at Adventure Off Road Park

The Adventure Off Road Park is available for Rent as a Venue!

That's right, the beautiful AOP can be yours... for a weekend. Or a day even!

Are you interested in renting the Adventure Off Road Park for an event, product testing, media production, weddings, parties or concert? We have great news, the AOP is available for rent!

Reasons to Rent the AOP;

  • Private Events
  • Product Testing
  • Media Production
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Live Music Concerts
  • Charity Work

How to go about renting the Adventure Off Road Park?

In order to Rent the AOP, CONTACT the AOP Office to check availability.

Call or message us through our Contact Page.

Contact the AOP Office

First we'll need to check the AOP schedule to communicate what dates the park is available for rent.

NOTE: Previously scheduled event dates will not be available for venue rent. In addition, we've been getting more and more Venue Rental Requests over the past few years. The Venue Rental for a timeframe is ONLY LOCKED IN when the DEPOSIT IS PAID. Not before.